Waxing the body

Hair removal with warm wax helps remove hair on the back, chest, arms and legs.  The wax comes in a special cartridge with a roller, which is pre-placed in a warmer to heat the contents to a temperature of 37-40° C.

The liquid wax is evenly distributed over the hairy area with a roller. A hair removal strip is applied to the top of the area and after it has been firmly taped, the hair removal strip is removed with a fast hand movement.

The advantage of warm wax is that it exfoliates the keratinized top layer of your skin and removes dead skin cells. In addition, wax warms the skin, stimulating metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis, and the restorative creams, emulsions and nourishing body oils applied after the treatment penetrate deeper into the pores. After depilation with cartridge wax, your skin will feel smooth and velvety soft for three weeks.

Hotwax is used to remove unwanted hair in particularly sensitive areas: on the face, underarms and the bikini line. Hotwax is melted and heated to a temperature of 45-48° C. The wax is then gently applied to the skin with a spatula. When it has set, it forms a strip, which is torn off with a sharp hand movement against hair growth.

Such wax depilation allows you to completely remove hair, while wax practically does not violate the integrity of the skin.

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