Waxing and tinting eyebrows

Waxing and tinting eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of your face. Their shape defines the character of your face and determines the emotional perception of us by others. Eyebrow correction with hot wax, this treatment involves waxing the eyebrows. The duration of the treatment is 10-15 minutes. This allows you to remove all unwanted hair at the same time and create a nice line in your eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping involves a whole series of manipulations, with the aim of giving an expressive look and even correcting the shape of the face. It’s no secret that the shape of the eyebrows, their thickness and color can significantly change your appearance.

Before going to a hair removal specialist, it is advisable not to pluck your eyebrows but to be patient and let them grow, which will give you the most natural look.

For tinting eyebrows, compounds with low oxide resistance and cream preparations of the brand “Combinal” are used. Correction and coloring with paint is suitable for women who want a long-lasting result. The treatment takes an average of 15 minutes. Tinting can be harmful to health. This can cause an allergic reaction.

Modern paint consists of a color base and a developing emulsion (oxidant 3%). They may also contain nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin E, etc. The modern formula effectively tint the hair without injuring or tinting out the hair or skin. The color palette is unusually wide: from bluish black to golden blond. The procedure should be repeated once a month on average.

Eyebrows need care, just like facial skin. Anything recommended to strengthen or stimulate hair growth is beneficial for the eyebrows. To regrow thinned brows, massaging with olive, avocado, burdock, peach or castor oil helps.

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